Acupuncture Visits


First visit – $190

Second visit – $85

Please Note: Insurance charges fall between $270 – $490 depending on treatment and modalities. Prompt pay discounted rates are available only for non-insurance patients. If you have any questions, please ask us.

Telehealth Consultations

First consultation – $165

Regular visit – $75


First visit– $160
Regular visit – $50

Discounted fertility rate available only for non-insurance patients.
Most insurance does not cover fertility treatments.

Treatment Packages

  • Treatment packages cannot be combined with insurance.
  • Treatment packages do not expire.
  • Unused treatment packages are refunded upon request.
4 - Series


New Patient

Initial treatment and 3 repeat treatments.


Returning Patient

4 repeat treatments.

6 - Series


New Patient
Initial treatment and 5 repeat treatments.


Returning Patient
6 repeat treatments.

10 - Series


New Patient
Initial treatment and 9 repeat treatments.


Returning Patient
10 repeat treatments.

Health Coaching

All options include:

  • Introductory session (60-120 min).
  • Individualized plan and recommendations.
  • Updated and adapted as needed throughout the entire program.
  • Email/text support throughout the entire program.


  • Can add acupuncture to your in-person session for an additional $85.
  • Additional sessions at $80/hour.

$525/3-month program ($175/month)

  • One in-person or online session per month.
  • Weekly check-ins.

$960/3-month program ($320/month)

  • Two in-person or online sessions per month.
  • Weekly check-ins.

$1800/3-month program ($600/month)

  • Four in-person or online sessions per month.*
    *Months with five weeks only have 4 sessions.

Herbal Medicine

  • Herbal formulae are prescribed when appropriate, and most are available in our office. 
  • Most formulae are between $10 and $17 per bottle
  • For refills of your existing formula(e), please call first to ensure we have them in stock.

Face Yoga

Face Yoga Method is a series of exercises designed to work the facial muscles to maintain suppleness and youthfulness, combined with breath control and simple meditation for health and relaxation. By the daily practice of a series of facial exercises, Face Yoga Method relaxes & tones facial muscles and lifts & firms the skin for a natural, non-surgical alternative to facelifts.

Private Instruction

$55 per class

  • Classes are online through Zoom.
Face Yoga Near Me

Insurance Accepted

Proudly caring for veterans
  • At Vickery Health & Wellness, we are proud to be a VA provider through TriWest.
  • We accept insurance. Please call to verify your insurance.
  • This office is not a Medi-Cal provider.
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