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Our patients are consistently overjoyed, as evidenced by their testimonials, expressing gratitude for Dr. Vickery's compassionate care, effective treatment plans, and remarkable results in improving their overall health and well-being.

  • Dr. Vickery leads the way in health care (all facets). I have had chronic pain since 1976 and have much experience with all type of MD’s, procedures and medications. I am forced to see my MD every 4 months for meds.

    I'm very proactive with my health and Dia today has only enhanced and placed my body in some of the best stages of my life. I’m 61 and feel younger and so much better since I’ve seen Dia. Also, there’s a spiritual side in play today with much credit going to Dia and the entire experience (I.e., office, room, receptionist, zen music, etc.).

    Dia is an amazing listener, calming, so professional and once she hears the today story she goes to work and knows where to place the needles and/or do some other procedure. I trust her 100%. The estimated 28 minutes (of acupuncture) is better than any massage or for that matter any other pleasure us humans have.

    She is a lifesaver, great person and the best acupuncturist out there. And yes over my 40+ years of pain I have been to all type of practitioners. If she takes you as a patient you will be forever grateful. It doesn’t get better than Dr. Vickery. I appreciate, love everything about the experience and the person and am thankful and grateful I met her along my path.


    Dr. Vickery leads the way in health care (all facets)

  • Dr. Dia is a miracle worker who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. In less than a year, she has dramatically improved my quality of life. I first went to see her in April of 2013 because of my crippling back pain. In 2009 (2 years after a serious hiking accident), I developed back problems which interfered with my daily functioning. I was in pain every day. My MRI showed that I had bulging disks and arthritis. My back doctor gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers and sent me to physical therapy. Well, after a few years of physical therapy, massages, and muscle relaxers and only minor improvement I was desperate for lasting pain relief.

    Dr. Dia is like a gentle wizard with needles. She uses a process called “gentle needling” which amounts to me feeling no anxiety or pain during my treatments. Going to my acupuncture appointments is like a spa day for me.

    I have seen dramatic results from her treatments. Before, I would wake up each morning in pain. Now I wake up each morning pain free. I’m hiking, going to the gym regularly, and even skiing again. In addition, she has successfully treated me for other debilitating ailments including anxiety and vertigo.

    No one cares more about their patients than she does and no one takes as much time with their patients as she does. Thanks to her, I have my life back and am healthier than I have been in years!


    Dr. Vickery is an amazing healer

  • Dr. Vickery has been such a blessing to our family’s health. She is a great listener and always has a solution to our health issues.

    My 11-year-old daughter has successfully been treated by Dr. Vickery for her anxiety. Dr. Vickery has given her tools and remedies that she can use before school and in the evenings when my daughter’s stress and anxiety levels peak.

    Dr. Vickery has successfully treated me for about 4 years. From aches and pains, to digestive issues, etc. Best of all, I no longer suffer from hot flashes, irritability, and my heavy menstrual cycle is under control now- without the use of traditional drugs and hormone treatments.

    Dr. Vickery has wonderful intuition, and has incredible knowledge in her field. We are grateful to be in her capable and caring hands!


    Dr. Vickery has been such a blessing to our family’s health

  • I have been going to Dr. Vickery for post-cancer care for almost a year. She is extremely kind, caring, knowledgeable, capable, calm, and professional. Dr. Vickery is also very conscientious, and pays complete attention to every detail. She is a great listener and communicator as well. Every time I see her, I feel like talking to a family member.

    Under her care, I have not experienced much side effects of the cancer prescription I am currently taking. I had a couple non-cancer related issues. She was able to address them fairly quickly and effectively.

    Her office has a nice zen like feel that puts you right at ease. Her staff are very helpful too. I thoroughly enjoy my ‘happy hour’ every time I come in for the treatment. I can’t recommend Dr. Vickery high enough. She is the best of the best. You will be very lucky to work with her!


    Dr. Vickery is extremely kind

  • Dr. Vickery provides an above-and-beyond kind of care that spoils my expectations for other medical providers. I’ve been seeing her for a little over two years. I credit her with keeping me out of the ER on some of my worst days, and she was/is a big contributor to helping me get back to work after a year of disability.

    She’s helped me with pain, mobility, mood, digestion, allergies, sleep issues, and probably more. In addition to the magic Dr. Vickery does with needles and sometimes herbs, she really spends time with me at the beginning of every visit.

    The office is a comfortable and relaxing place to be, and the business side of my visit is always very smooth. And sometimes there’s a wonderful therapy dog! A lovely place to go and a lovely person to see for quality attention, caring, and treatments for whatever ails you.


    Dr. Vickery provides an above-and-beyond kind of care

  • What an amazing experience, being treated by Dr. V. My girlfriend raved and raved about her, yeah right. Went to be treated and YEAH RIGHT can’t be made into to a bigger font for this to describe the experience. Very calming energy just resonates while first meeting Dr. Vickery.

    I am a very active, physical guy ( 90 mins daily hard yoga ~ 8K miles a year cycling) – so yes I know my body and how it should feel. And, most especially, how it should feel good. She communicates what she is doing and why. And yes, the best really is that she is right.

    Because she carefully listens, thinks and just not treats makes it easy to understand just why you feel so goooood following your visit.


    What an amazing experience, being treated by Dr. V.

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