Meet Dr. Dia Vickery, DACM

Dr. Dia Vickery, DACM

Acupuncturist in Woodland Hills

Dr. Dia Vickery came to acupuncture after her career in computer science. As she tells it: “I worked with mini-mainframe computers until the PC network boom pushed them out of most businesses, and even a while after that since SOMEONE had to take care of those old dinosaurs. But eventually, the jobs dried up, and I looked around and said, ‘Now what?’ My journey into Traditional East Asian Medicine was still not a straight line. Even once I started my training, the path was twisty.”

The Beginning

Dia’s dance with Oriental Medicine began slowly with shiatsu and massage training in the late ’80s and working a variety of ‘just jobs’ to give herself time to consider her options and examine her passion. This also allowed her to start exploring the core ideas that form the Traditional East Asian Medicine framework.

Her formal training in acupuncture began in 1992 when she enrolled in the Master's program at SAMRA University. Working during the day and attending classes at night and on Saturdays, she completed her coursework in under two years, finishing just as the Northridge earthquake shook everyone up.

A Journey Interrupted

Deciding that she wasn’t ready to continue on into the Clinic, she left SAMRA and turned to Theology. Finishing her Ph.D. in 1996, she went on to work as Clergy-at-Large until late 2000, when she decided to complete her Oriental Medicine studies.

Returning to Acupuncture

After much research, Dia decided to finish at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. In 2001 she returned to school. Returning to the profession after so much time meant plenty of coursework, as well as Clinical study. She finished her Masters in 2003 and was licensed in 2004.

In addition to treating private patients, Dia served as Dean of Students, instructor and assistant clinic supervisor at Emperor’s College until August 2007. Feeling drawn to focus on treating patients, Dia left her position in the College’s administration to start a full-time private practice in Tarzana, CA. She continued to teach at local acupuncture schools and hosts students as interns in her clinic. Dia’s affinity with herbs and essential oils adds extra dimensions to her treatments.

Continue Learning Into the Future

“I’m not done learning, and this medicine offers me endless opportunities to grow. For the past few years, I’ve begun deepening my knowledge of essential oils. I’ve studied with Peter Holmes and Tiffany Carole, learning their Aroma Acupoint Therapy system, even going so far as to be training to teach their system; aromatherapy safety with Robert Tisserand and have co-taught an acupuncture and essential oil course with Nicola Salter.

I’ve also been certified as an instructor of Face Yoga Method by the founder, Fumiko Takatsu. I’ll be incorporating Face Yoga Method instruction into my patient’s visits as well as offering Face Yoga Method classes in my clinic.

I’ve continued my other post-graduate studies, learning from great herbalists, both acupuncturists and those who specialize only in herbal treatments. I continue studying with Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen when I am able. In addition to classes, I read constantly and am often finding new books that relate to current patients’ issues or offer a deeper understanding of the philosophies behind medicine.

I don’t foresee a time I’ll ever stop learning or teaching. Everything I learn, and every time I can teach, worlds of possibility open up for me and my patients, current, past and future. I’m glad to be on the journey, twists, turns and all”.

In fact, Dr. Vickery has added another title, graduating in April 2018 from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

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